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With Safety in Mind, Schools Turn to Facial Recognition Technology. But at What Cost?
Two Seattle schools among first to use facial recognition software in US 
Does facial recognition technology make schools safer? 
Facial recognition technology used at Seattle private school 
Railer - Face Recognition Attendance 
Face recognition technology in classrooms is here – and that’s ok 
How Facial Recognition Can Provide Secure Access for K-12 Schools 
RealNetworks Provides SAFR Facial Recognition Solution for Free to Every K-12 School in the United States and Canada 
RealNetworks offers free facial recognition software for K-12 
Like It Or Not Facial Recognition Is Already Here. These Are The Industries It Will Transform First 
Smart Face Control: How Facial Recognition Changes Different Industries 
Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) 
Facial Recognition and Mobile Based System for PatientIdentification/Verification in Medical Emergencies for Developing Economies 
A New Facial Recognition Mobile App From Listerine Helps Blind People See Smiles 
Listerine – Feel Every Smile 
Google's plans to use AI to help the blind 
Google's Lookout app says what it sees for blind users in the US 
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 
Delhi: Facial recognition system helps trace 3,000 missing children in 4 days 
Indian Police Trace 3,000 Missing Children In Just Four Days Using Facial Recognition Technology 
India is using facial-recognition to reunite missing children with their families 
Face-recognition App Lets You Identify Kids That Might Be Missing 
Baidu AI helps parents find their abducted son 27 years later 
California Kidnapped Woman Found With Help from Facial Recognition and LPR Technology 
How Facial Recognition Is Fighting Child Sex Trafficking 
Facial Recognition Helps Parents Find Son 27 Years After Abduction 
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